Registering your Students with Google Classroom (Tuva Premium)


  1. Ensure you're on your dashboard.
  2. Click on the button called 'Google Classroom.'
  3. A popup will appear letting you pick the Google Classroom you want to import.
  4. After selecting a specific class, the popup will update with new information. The popup will show you a list of students you're about to import and also give you the option to modify the name of the class. You'll need to let Tuva know the grade level for your class. Finally, click add to import the class.
  5. The Google Class will now appear on your dashboard with a small Google Classroom icon letting you know it's been imported from Google Classroom.

Note: Remember to allow pop-ups while importing your class from Google Classroom. To learn how to unblock pop-ups, please read this support article.

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