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Using the actual icons that we have in the Tuva toolbar in your instructions will reduce student confusion, enabling teachers using your materials to focus on content and skills instead of logistics.


Here are a few examples of available icons:






How To

We have 35 icons available in the zip file to the right. The folders contain the icons we use in the Tuva Tools. If you would like to use the icons, please download them from their respective folders.

There are two formats available for download: SVG and PNG. If you want to resize an icon to a dimension that’s not offered by an existing PNG, please download the SVG and set it to your required dimensions.


Dimensions for the images in each folder:

  • PNG Regular Size: 19 x 19 pixels
  • PNG 2x Size: 38 x 38 pixels
  • PNG 3x Size: 57 x 57 pixels
  • SVG: Variable Sizes in Vector Format. Resizing vector icons will not degrade quality.




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