Single Sign On with Classlink

Tuva has recently integrated with Classlink's Single Sign On (SSO) system. This means teachers and students will be able to quickly sign into Tuva via their Classlink Dashboard.

To get up and running with Classlink's SSO, you'll need to add Tuva as an application to your Classlink Dashboard. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click Add Application.
  2. Search for "Tuva" and press Enter.Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_3.43.15_PM.png
  3. Click "Add" to add the Tuva application to your Classlink Dashboard.Screen_Shot_2021-10-21_at_3.43.21_PM.png
  4. Once you've added Tuva Labs to your Classlink Dashboard, you can quickly sign in to Tuva.Screen_Shot_2021-10-22_at_9.15.42_AM.png
  5. The first time you attempt to sign in or sign up for Tuva via Classlink, you will need to go through the authentication process.
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