Keyboard Shortcuts Empower Learners with Limited Fine Motor Control

Ensuring accessibility for individuals who are unable to use a computer mouse is essential in enabling them to navigate user interfaces on the internet. To empower learners with limited fine motor control to analyze and visualize data, the Tuva Tools provide robust support for keyboard navigation. With keyboard navigation, users can effortlessly place attributes on the X-axis, Y-axis, and the Legend, as well as create various plot types.


To see the keyboard navigation feature in action, watch the demonstration video below:


A Guide to Using the Keyboard Shortcuts

The Tuva Tools consist of three important regions: the case card on the left, the plot menu at the top, and the plotting area in the middle. Navigating and interacting with these regions can be accomplished using specific keyboard shortcuts, which include:

  • Tab: Moves focus to the next button, interactive item, or text field.
  • Shift + Tab: Moves focus to the previous button, interactive item, or text field.
  • Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow: Navigates dropdown menus, text fields, and radio button groups.
  • Enter or Space: Selects or activates the focused button or interactive element.
  • Escape: Closes a focused dropdown menu when pressed while interacting with it.

Let's explore each data tool region in detail to understand how to navigate and interact with the tools to create a graph.


Case Card


When tabbing through the case card, whether collapsed or expanded, you will encounter a dropdown menu for each attribute. You can edit the attribute, add it to the X-axis, Y-axis, color the cases with the attribute, or order the cases based on the attribute.


Plot Menu


The plot menu can also be conveniently navigated using the keyboard. As you continue tabbing through the case card, you will eventually reach the plot menu.


You can navigate back and forth across the plot menu using Tab or Shift + Tab. Additionally, you can use the Left and Right arrow keys to move horizontally across the menu. When a dropdown menu is in focus, you can utilize the Up and Down arrow keys to navigate through the menu items.

Plotting Area

Finally, as you continue tabbing through the data tools, the buttons in the plotting area will also gain focus. These buttons allow you to remove attributes from the X-axis, Y-axis, Legend, and Order by.



By following these keyboard navigation techniques, you can effortlessly interact with the Tuva Tools and create visually engaging graphs.


Feel free to refer to the provided screenshots to assist you in visualizing the different regions and buttons.


If you have any further questions or need additional support, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.


Accessing the List of Shortcuts

Accessing the comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts is simple. You can find it in a pop-up format through the help menu or by clicking on the keyboard icon located in the bottom right corner of the interface.




Upon clicking the keyboard shortcuts option, a pop-up will appear, displaying a comprehensive list of all available shortcuts along with their corresponding actions.




Printable List of Keyboard Shortcuts

To make it even more convenient, we have also provided a PDF version of the keyboard shortcuts. Feel free to download and print the PDF provided below for easy reference to the complete list of keyboard shortcuts.

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