Using Tuva with the Illustrative Math Curriculum


Tuva supports the implementation of the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and other traditional mathematics curricula in multiple ways. During introductory math activities where students are constructing knowledge of new concepts, Tuva offers an alternative format with activities that are aligned to the same learning goals and fit into the progression of the Illustrative Mathematics lesson while offering students an interactive and technology-based experience.

The interactive and visual nature of the Tuva tools allow students to explore concepts in ways that are different from working with pencil and paper or other classroom manipulatives. Through Tuva’s unique visual experience, students draw their own conclusions about the mathematics they are engaging with.

Tuva also enhances the Illustrative Mathematics or other traditional mathematics curricula through activities that allow students to apply the knowledge they’ve gained through the traditional curriculum to real-world applications and contexts. These summative math activities can be used in place of traditional practice problems or as stand-alone tasks that give students the opportunity to see how mathematical concepts and procedures can be used as tools to investigate real-world contexts and draw conclusions or make predictions to model real scenarios. 

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