Sharing Your Data with Your Classroom

If you've uploaded your own data into Tuva, you have the option to share that data with your classroom. Follow the steps below to see how to share your data with your classroom and how students can find the data you just shared with them. Finally, we'll also cover how to rescind the dataset you just shared in case you change your mind.

How to Share Your Data with Your Classroom

  1. After you uploaded your data, you'll see your data on a page similar to the one shown in the screenshot below. You will need to click the "Share" button in the footer.
  2. Clicking the share button reveals the share pop-up. Make sure you've set your privacy setting to "Anyone with a link" so you may see your list of classes. To share your dataset with a specific class of students, click the button with your class's name.
  3. After sharing the dataset with your class, the button for that class will change to orange to reflect it's been shared.

How Students Can Find Your Shared Data

  1. Students will be able to find the data you've shared with them by clicking on My Datasets under the Upload dropdown menu in the top navigation. See screenshot below.
  2. Once students click on My Datasets, they will need to click the "Shared" tab to see all the datasets shared with them.

How to Stop Sharing Your Data

  1. After you shared a dataset, it is possible to remove access to that shared dataset. You can remove access by going to your dataset and changing the dataset privacy from "Anyone with a link" to "Only Me." This will revoke access to anyone that already has it. Screen_Shot_2020-06-15_at_2.55.00_PM.png
    If you want to share the dataset with the same classes, you will need to follow the steps for how to share data with your classroom again.
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