Keyboard Navigation

It is now possible to navigate through the data tools and create graphs using only your keyboard.

There are three regions to the data tools, the case card on the left, the plot menu at the top, and the plotting area in the middle. To get through each zone and to interact with the different buttons, the keys we'll be using include:

  • Tab: Allows to jump to the next button, interactive item, or text field.
  • Shift + Tab: Allow you to jump to the previous button, interactive item, or text field.
  • Up/Down/Left/Right Arrow: Will allow you to navigate dropdown menus, text fields, and radio button groups.
  • Enter or Space: Pressing enter will select or activate the focused button or interactive element.
  • Escape: Pressing escape while focused on a dropdown menu will close the dropdown menu. 

Let's go through each data tool region and go into specifics of navigating and interacting with the tools in order to create a graph.

Case Card


While tabbing through the case card, whether it's collapsed or expanded, you'll be presented with a dropdown for each attribute. You can edit the attribute, add it to the X Axis, add it to the Y Axis, color the cases with the attribute, or order the cases with the attribute.

Plot Menu


The plot menu can also be navigated via keyboard. As you continue tabbing through the case card, eventually you'll reach the plot menu. 

You may navigate back and forth across the plot menu by using Tab or Shift + Tab. You may also use the Left and Right arrow keys to go horizontally across the menu. When you apply focus on a dropdown menu, you may also use the Up and Down arrow keys to move down the menu items.

Plotting Area

Finally, the plotting area buttons will also gain focus as you continue tabbing through the data tools. These buttons will allow you to remove attributes from the X-axis, Y-axis, Legend, and Order by.





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