Tuva on the iPad

Best Practices

We've noticed some useful strategies that'll help you make the most of your experience while using Tuva on the iPad. We recommend the following:

  1. External Keyboard is Ideal: If you have access to an external iPad keyboard, we highly recommend using it. The external keyboard makes it easier to handle dragging and dropping and switching over to answering questions without resizing the screen or having to deal with excessive scrolling.
  2. Dragging Attributes: To drag an attribute from the case card to one of the axes or legend, click and hold an attribute for about half a second until the attribute darkens and the attribute attaches to your finger's location before beginning to drag.
  3. Dropping Attributes on the Legend or Axis: To drop an attribute on the legend or on the X or Y axis, drag the attribute you've selected over to the drop area. The drop area will highlight to show your finger is over the drop area, at which point you may release your finger from the screen.
  4. Orientation: Orient your iPad in landscape mode. Ensure your iPad's rotation setting is unlocked.
  5. Web Browser: To use Tuva, you may use the Safari app that comes pre-installed on the iPad. Or, you may use the Chrome app, which can be downloaded from the Apple app store.
  6. Viewing the Graph with the Keyboard: While the iPad keyboard is open, the viewing area will shift to accommodate the keyboard. This makes it difficult to view the plot and also type with the keyboard at the same time. If you need to view the plot, we recommend closing the keyboard, then you may view the plot, and then re-open the keyboard by clicking in the text area you want to type in.IMG_0006.PNG
  7. Keyboard: When going through an activity on Tuva, you're going to come across different types of question: multiple choice, multiple selection, and open-ended. Typically, it's fine to hold the iPad with one hand and answer the multiple choice and multiple selection with the other hand. However, when it comes to open-ended questions, it helps to place the iPad on your lap or on a desk to fully utilize both hands as you type multiple sentences into the text area.

Reporting Issues

Is there an issue you've noticed while using the iPad that isn't covered in the known issues below? Tell us about it in an email to support@tuvalabs.com.

Known Issues

We are currently aware of the following issue and will plan to fix it soon.

  1. The About the Dataset pop-up will scroll when it first loads, but will fail to scroll after closing it and re-opening it.


Fixed Issues

These are issues we've noticed or have been reported by teachers.

  1. We fixed an issue while drawing annotations in the plotting area not responding to touch inputs on the screen. This includes drawing with the pencil, drawing rectangles, circles, arrows, or adding and manipulating text annotations.
  2. We fixed an issue with the case card not always scrolling. Previously, attributes were sometimes picked up and dragged instead of allowing someone to scroll through a long list of attributes. We've implemented new logic that will detect if you're scrolling through the case or if you're attempting to drag and drop an attribute from the case card to one of the axes or the legend.
  3. We fixed an issue where reference lines were not responding to clicking and dragging. They should now work fine.
  4. We've increased the click area for the Swap Axis button and the 'X' button that appears on the axis to remove an attribute.
  5. We've increased the drop areas for the X-axis and Y-axis to make it easier to place a finger over it and drop an attribute. Previously, the drop areas were too small to be user friendly on a tablet.
  6. We've implemented a hover state that will highlight the axis or legend if an attribute is over it. This provides visual feedback to let you know you're currently holding an attribute over one of the drop areas.
  7. Double tapping any part of the screen will allow you to zoom in and magnify the screen, and you can also pinch to zoom. Previously, double tapping and zooming in resulted in a difficult experience trying to zoom out.
  8. Marque select has been disabled due to its conflict with the iPads multitouch system creating issues in the plotting area and occasionally freezing the action performed by the user.
  9. We fixed an issue where the visual statistical calculations (i.e. mean, median mode, standard deviation) would not highlight when a user would touch them.
  10. We fixed an issue with the collapse and expansion of the activity panel partially covering the plotting area. 
  11. While downloading a PNG image of the graph on the iPad, the x-axis would get cut off. We fixed this issue, and the x-axis is no longer cut off.


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