Editing Categorical Attributes in the Case Card


Accessing the Edit Attribute Menu

Tuva allows you to edit attributes to meet your goals for the data set. This article will describe the ways in which you can edit a numerical attribute. To access the Edit Attribute Menu, click the pencil icon next to the desired attribute.


Changing the Attribute Name and Description 

Clicking on the pencil at the top right corner of the edit attribute screen will allow you to change the name of the attribute. This may be helpful if you want to change the labels on the axes of the graphs you are creating. You can also add a description to help distinguish attributes.

Change Order of Listed Categories

The categories within a categorical attribute are listed in the box under "Filter Category." You can change the order in which these appear by clicking the "Order" dropdown menu.


  1. Click the "Order" dropdown menu
  2. Select "Ascending" to arrange the categories in A -> Z order
  3. Select "Descending" to arrange the categories in Z -> A order

Show/Hide Categories

Tuva allows you to remove categories of an attribute from a graph through filtering. The case card is one place where you can filter categories. Uncheck the box next to an attribute to remove it from the graph. Check the box to show the category once again.

Change Attribute Color

, all categories are assigned a solid color, unlike numerical data that are assigned gradients. When a categorical attribute is selected, each data point is colored according to the color assigned to its category. Tuva allows you to adjust the assigned colors. This can be useful if you need to distinguish categories that were pre-assigned similar colors.


  1. Click the colored box to the left of the category
  2. Select a color from those available in the pop-up menu

Updating Data Type

Tuva offers two different formats for categorical attributes. There's the regular format, where the Tuva tool treats each word or phrase as a separate category. The second format are numerical intervals, which is a special categorical grouping of cases that fall within a certain range of numbers. You may think of them as bins.

To update the formatting for categorical attributes, follow the steps below.


  1. Click on the pencil icon next to the attribute you want to update.
  2. The attribute settings panel will appear, taking up the entire case card and giving you several different options. Click on the "Type" dropdown menu to see the different attribute types you may choose from.
  3. Click the format from the dropdown menu. The plotting area will update to reflect any changes you've made.
  4. You may return to the case card by clicking the "X" at the top of the attribute settings panel.
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