Designed to Hook Diverse Learners


Content Designed to Hook Diverse Learners

Just as we strive to make Tuva's tools accessible, we also intentionally design Tuva's content to engage diverse learners. Tuva's approach to engaging students with content aligns with the following Universal Design for Learning checkpoints for recruiting interest:


1. Optimize Individual Choice and Autonomy

Tuva recognizes giving students voice and choice is a powerful way to drive engagement. With Tuva, teachers can select activities that are guided or student-directed. Student-directed activities prompt students to explore questions of their own design. Additionally, our tools make it quick and easy for students at all ability levels to experiment with different ways to graphically represent their data, putting them in the driver's seat. 


2. Optimize Value, Relevance and Authenticity

Tuva's vision centers around engaging students with relevant data and authentic phenomena, a method of engagement that research shows is particularly beneficial for groups that are historically underrepresented in STEM. 

Tuva also meets students where they are. We offer two different versions of our Tools: Tuva Jr. for grades 3-5 and Tuva for grades 6-12. Additionally, within each version teachers can filter content by grade-level and standard to easily match student readiness. 


 Click here for a more in-depth look at Tuva's content philosophy.  

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