Introduction to Tuva Tool Accessibility

Empower students with diverse cognitive disabilities and physical impairments to actively participate in data analysis and visualization using the comprehensive accessibility features integrated into the Tuva Tools.


At Tuva, we are deeply committed to fostering inclusivity and ensuring that our data, graphing, and statistical tools are accessible to individuals with a wide range of abilities. We understand the significance of accessibility and have implemented a variety of features and practices to provide an inclusive user experience.


Explore the following features to discover how Tuva Tools enable data literacy education for all, including those with low vision and blindness. Click on each feature to learn more and unlock the possibilities of inclusive data exploration.


  1. Animations
  2. Color Settings for Colorblindness
  3. Color Settings for Low Visual Acuity
  4. Increase Font Size & Case Size
  5. Keyboard Navigation
  6. Keyboard Shortcuts
  7. Sonification
  8. Text-to-Speech
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