Text-to-Speech for Learners with Visual and Reading Impairments

Learners with visual and reading impairments can actively participate in data analysis thanks to the inclusion of descriptive and contextual ARIA labels within Tuva's Data Exploration Tool. ARIA labels have been strategically implemented across various components, including different cards, the toolbar menu, and the plotting area. These labels ensure that individuals with low vision and blindness can effectively analyze and visualize data using their preferred text-to-speech software.


To witness the text-to-speech feature in action, please watch the demonstration video below:


Tuva remains committed to making data exploration accessible to all learners. By incorporating descriptive and contextual ARIA labels, we ensure that individuals with visual and reading impairments can seamlessly navigate through the Data Exploration Tool. The ARIA labels provide essential information that enables effective data analysis and visualization when used in conjunction with text-to-speech software.


By fostering inclusivity through ARIA labels, Tuva empowers learners with visual and reading impairments to actively engage with data, facilitating a more inclusive and enriched learning experience.


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