Using Tuva Graphing Tools vs. Google Sheets - Example

Here is an example of exploring weather data using the same dataset in Google Sheets ( ) and in Tuva (

Google Sheets


What were average daily temperatures during October 2016 in San Francisco?

  • Highlight 3 spreadsheet columns

  • Click Insert and select Chart

  • In Chart editor click Line graph icon

  • Click Insert

  • Click on X axis, type axis label

  • Click Enter

  • Click the pencil by the City attribute

  • Uncheck all cities except San Francisco

  • Drag date to X axis

  • Drag Mean Temperature to Y axis

  • Click on Line graph at the top

  • Select Line Graph By Category

How did October daily temperatures in San Francisco compare with Wichita, Kansas?

  • Right click on the graph

  • Click Advanced edit

  • Click Recommendations tab

  • Click on Select Data Range icon

  • Highlight appropriate spreadsheet cells

  • Click OK

  • Click the Pencil Icon by the City attribute

  • Check Wichita

How does the variability in October daily temperatures compare in

San Francisco and Wichita?

[Google doesn’t display a distribution of data, so students must describe range, center, and how tightly grouped the data are from the line graphs.]

  • Drag Mean Temperature to X axis

  • Drag City to Y axis

  • Click Dot on the top menu (or Box)






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