How to Manually Add and Remove Students

This article will show you how you can manually add or remove students from your class. 


  1. From your dashboard, select the classroom you want to add students to or remove students from.
  2. If you're not already viewing the Students tab on the classroom dashboard, click "Students" on the classroom navigation menu.
  3. Adding Students: By clicking "Add Student" near the top of the Students section, you may manually add students to your class by creating accounts for them. You will have to provide their first name, last name, create a username for them, and also create a password for your student. You will need to share the username and password you've created for them.
  4. Removing Students: Notice the trashcan icon in row with each student's name and username. Clicking the trashcan icon and then clicking "Confirm" on the proceeding pop-up will remove the student from your class.
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