Statistics and Summary View

Tuva allows you to display several statistical measures in the graph and a summary table.

Adding Statistics to a Graph Untitled_drawing__8_.jpg


  1. Hover your mouse over Stats in the toolbar at the top of the screen
  2. Select a statistical measure by single clicking it in the dropdown menu that appears. Lines representing the selected measure will appear in the graphing area.
  3. Click the Summary View tab next to table view to see a display of the statistics. 

Summary View

The summary view is available below the plotting area and it will display any statistics that are currently analyzing the data in a tabular easy to read form.

In the screenshot below, we're analyzing the mean height of dinosaurs by group. Notice the summary view is expanded below the plotting area and it's showing two different tables for the two different statistical functions currently analyzing the data, Count and Mean.


To expand the summary view when it's closed, click on the "Summary View" button at the bottom of the plotting area.


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