Tuva Collections

A Tuva Collection is a thematically grouped set of Tuva Datasets and Activities. To find them and use them, follow the steps below.


  1. From the top navigation menu, hover or click on "Collections" to reveal a dropdown.
  2. Click "Tuva Collections" from the dropdown.
  3. Now that you're on the Tuva Collections page, begin by scrolling down, reading through the different Tuva Collections.
  4. When you find a Tuva Collection you would like to use with your students, click on it.
  5. Once you're on a specific Tuva Collection, begin to scroll down the page. You will be presented with a few points about what students will learn by using the Tuva Datasets and Activities in the collection.
  6. Continue to scroll to reveal the Tuva Datasets and Activities, which you may further drill into to find the Activities you want to assign to your class.
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