Using the Class Code to Register your Students

This article will help you find your class code and use it to get your students to join your class.


  1. From your dashboard, click on one of your classes. There will be a few different ways to get your students on Tuva.
  2. Once in your classroom, notice the class code in the top right of the screen. You'll need to share this class code with your students so they may sign up and join your class.
  3. When your students go to they'll need to click on the Sign Up button to view the registration pop-up.
  4. They'll have to click "I'm a Student" and then provide their name, class code, and create a username and password. If instead your student needs to sign up with their Google account, they will enter their class code in a later step, see step 6.
    Screen_Shot_2018-12-13_at_2.15.41_PM.png Screen_Shot_2018-12-13_at_2.15.49_PM.png
  5. After they click "Sign Up" your students will be ready to do any activities you've assigned to your class.
  6. If your students signed up with their Google account, they can input your class code on the following screen in order to join your class.
    And if students accidentally skip the above screen, they can also input their class code at a later time by clicking "Join a Class," shown in the screen below.
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