Tuva and NGSS

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) represent a revolutionary change in science instruction and assessment.

Instead of prioritizing students’ accumulation of a set of facts, in an NGSS classroom students are engaging in Science and Engineering Practices in order to investigate questions about Disciplinary Core Ideas and organizing and making sense of their learning through Crosscutting Concepts*.

In other words, students are learning to think and learn like scientists rather than trying to memorize facts about science.

Tuva joins with the authors of NGSS in embracing the central role that data plays in the process of scientific inquiry.

Tuva’s data analysis tools allow students to analyze and interpret data using mathematical and computational thinking in order to construct explanations and design solutions.

Students and teachers can upload their own data or use Tuva’s growing array of NGSS-aligned data sets, curated by our team of science educators, searchable by Disciplinary Core Idea.

The resources below will help you to easily bring NGSS to your classroom with Tuva.

*Learn more about the NGSS Science and Engineering Practices, Disciplinary Core Ideas, and Crosscutting Concepts here

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